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2014 Harness Colors are in!   We are updating the color choices now.  February 6th, 2014!  email me!
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The set is strong.  Inside the stylish fabric harness is strong polypropylene webbing.

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 Basic Harness

 For standard 
"Leash" style use!

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Harness Color



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  Hands-Free Original Harness

The Belt-to-Belt Harness 
we are known for!
Converts to "Leash" style use
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Adult Adjustable Belt Size

Harness Color


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  Hands-Free sets for 
Twins and Multiples!

Belt-to-Belt Harness
for multiples!
Converts to "Leash" style use
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Adult Adjustable Belt Size

Harness 1 Color

Harness 2 Color

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* Harnesses are 100 % Cotton Twill.




The Stylish Choice!  This is the "Top of the Line" in Harnesses!  It looks like part of your child's wardrobe. Fabulous Colors!  Comfortable Fit!


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